Words play a big role in contact with people, but body language is, you can believe, a much more important component.

Before you say hello, you need to …

  1. Open up!

The first sign of your failure is crossed arms or stoop. Men who do not cross their arms are considered more attractive, active and persuasive.

Avoid poses that can “narrow” and close your body. Instead, sit or stand with your legs apart and “unfastened” your elbows from your sides so that there is at least some distance.

  1. Find a smile balance

This means that smiling a lot is bad, and not smiling at all is even worse. Women consider too many smiles a sign of femininity and timidity.

This does not mean that you need to hold your face with a stone. Women are more disposed towards smiling men. Just remove the constant grin and the incessant smile from your face.

  1. Touch a friend… what?

Yes, no matter how strange it may look, but it’s true! Pat on the back of your male friend and have tactile contact with him. Touching their male friends signals the social status and dominance that women adore, studies of social behavior and personality say.

  1. Touch your face – your

Rub your jaw every couple of minutes and lightly scratch your chin. This will draw attention to your most masculine traits. The lower part of your face is directly related to testosterone levels. Even if you don’t have a jaw, attention directed to that place makes you more attractive, he says.

Just do not overdo it – you do not have scabies and neurosis.

  1. Copy her behavior

Subtlely imitate her gestures: for example, how she holds a glass or where she looks. Mirroring human behavior can make you more attractive to him.

But then again, don’t overdo it! In the worst case, it may look like a teaser game. That is, extremely idiotic.

  1. Play with your eyes

According to the study, men who often look around are more likely to look into the eyes of women, and women respond better to guys with whom they have already exchanged glances.

Therefore, do not hesitate to look around, trying to briefly look at her. Take a quick look and not stare and wait for an answer from a bewildered girl.

  1. Wait for signals from her

Now that you have shown yourself at 100%, you can wait for a response from her, which will show that she is interested and ready to meet you.

By Cindy
July 18, 2020

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