The scientist, who predicted COVID-19 pandemic, made another prediction

The scientists predicted that the new coronavirus will appear over the next years. It will differ from COVID-19 in that in will be able to transmit from animal to human. But it is difficult to assess the severity of new outbreak.

According to scientists from Singapore, the threat of the new outbreak will exist for 10 years. Will it lead to the new pandemic – no one knows exactly.  

“We have to wait for new coronavirus. But we don’t know when it will occur. Another question is whether it will be large outbreak or not”, said Professor Wang Linfa, Program Manager for New Infectious Diseases at the National University of Singapore.

It is impossible to predict the exact start of the outbreak and what damages it will cause, scientist believe. The name of this scientist is well-known, as it was Wang Linfa who predicted a pandemic in 2013 and called countries that would be damaged more than the others.

By Cindy
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July 18, 2020

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