Imagine that you started talking to her about breaking up, and so far everything is going more or less normal. You managed to avoid such template phrases as “It’s not about you, but about me” or “I love you, but we better stay friends”. She hasn’t cried yet, and you hope to get out of this situation without her coming to your home and picking up the Xbox that she presented last month.

Now it remains to end this serious conversation so as not to blurt out anything superfluous and not provoke a scandal, witnesses of which will become innocent people.

To do this, I prepared a list of six phrases that are better not to pronounce if you do not want trouble. Believe me, they all are somewhat reminiscent of wires that should not be cut during the bomb disposal.

  1. “Will you be all right?”

Even if she’s not okay and closes at home to watch Game of Thrones or other TV shows without interruption for four weeks, she still won’t say that. However bad she may be, she probably wants you to think that she will be fine.

And when the initiator of the breakup asks if everything will be in order, it is heard like this: “How do you survive without my presence? Without this muscular body with a perfectly trimmed beard. ” Stop, do not ask a question that will only hurt and make you lie.

Instead, it’s better to say: “If you want to talk, I’m ready to do it at any time.”

  1. “You are sure to find someone better than me.”

The last thing a deserted person wants to think about is that he will remain alone. Therefore, if you are not ready to provide contact information for those same guys who are better than you so that you can organize a casting among them, you should not say so.

When you part with a girl, she will tell her friends about all your shortcomings, and only then they will answer her: “You will definitely find someone better than him.” From them, this parting word will sound much more appropriate.

  1. “I hope that we can remain friends”

This is one of the most unpleasant phrases that can be heard from a person who has decided to break off a love relationship. During the breakup, it sounds like you want to be able to date other girls, but sometimes spend time in bed with your ex.

Therefore, such an offer can come only from the person who is being thrown, but not from you.

  1. “Good luck”

If the previous phrase can in some cases be perceived positively, then the wish of good luck during the breakup will definitely completely ruin everything. “Good luck” and all the other cold constructions are universal detonators that will definitely rip the cafe where you invited her to a serious conversation.

Therefore, if you do not want to disturb public peace, never say such phrases during your breakup. In essence, they look like this: “I’m no longer interested in what will happen in your life. I’ll finish my coffee and leave. ”

  1. “I am sorry that you are upset”

Even if you are not worried about your parting, you must reflect the reaction of the girl with whom you part, like a mirror. If it is empty, then you need to do everything to look the same.

Believe me, there is nothing worse than a stone face and an indifferent look along with the phrase: “I’m sorry that you are upset.”

  1. “Sent from iPhone”

No and no again. Only live communication.

By Cindy
July 17, 2020

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