Scientist doubted quick creation of effective COVID-19 vaccine

The rapid creation of 100% effective COVID-19 vaccine is probably impossible. Expert called for observation of social distance measures.

“Of course, scientists all over the world are doing their best to develop the cure. But I will be very surprised if we get the effective vaccine by 2021”, he says.

The scientists highlighted that the development of the vaccine is long process. Usually, it takes several years. It is possible, that the “partially effective” remedy will be created soon, but still, the crisis is not coming to the end.

He also added that humanity has to live with this virus. In order to avoid global complications, people have to observe all restrictions and requirements.

Expert emphasized that public gatherings are still serious dander, so, it is important to respect social distance.

Recently, WHO reported on the record outbreak. Now, coronavirus is most dangerous in Americas.

By Cindy
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July 16, 2020

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