Having a jealous girl is the worst nightmare of many men. I’m not talking about those who are scandalized if they saw naked people or videos on your phone.
And about those who at every opportunity try to get into your messages, who in any company hold your hand and do not let go, who call every hour when you went to hang out with friends, and those who can fight with your friends. And this despite the fact that you did not give reasons and are not going to.

How to deal with this?

  1. Determine what makes her jealous and why

Do not blame her for being jealous.

Instead, find out exactly what actions make her jealous. Is she worried that you are still talking to your ex? Is she nervous when you go to drink without her?

Say that you understand her, and in her place, most likely, you would have done the same, but she should not worry. Explain why you shouldn’t: you’re not going to cheat on her, other girls don’t interest you, even if she sets the wiretap.

If she really has no reason to be jealous, if you really never hide anything, then just let her read her correspondence with her ex. In the case when your ex-girlfriend shows not just a friendly relationship, but you do not support it, then, again, let me see this.

If she really has reason to be jealous, then be honest with her, after all.

  1. Do not talk about jealousy as if it bothers only you

If your girlfriend is overly jealous, believe me, she does not like to be like that, and she suffers from it herself. Most likely, she does not enjoy the opportunity to hunt down, and she does this only because she refers to your relationship with uncertainty.

Do not talk about her jealousy as if it were a problem for you. Of course, this is so, but for her it is also no less a problem.

Here is the correct key:

“Darling, I never wanted you to feel stressed about our relationship, and it bothers me that you can get so worried. Maybe we’ll talk about this? ”

This is a much more pleasant, more positive approach to the problem. Thus, she will soften, realizing that you are doing this out of love, and not because you are tired of it.

  1. Find out how you can calm her down

Often partners are jealous because they do not feel loved in a relationship. If she was confident in your feelings, she would not doubt you! There are probably some deeper problems manifesting in her jealousy, and this is exactly what needs to be addressed.

Talk honestly about what you need to work on to ease her jealousy. Even if you take it with you the next time you walk with your ex to show that there is no chemistry there, just give her time and see if she relaxes over time.

  1. If the problem is in the ex, then stop seeing her

“I understand that you are jealous of her. “I love you and want to be with you, so if you want, then I will have no problem stopping talking to her.”

This key is the only one that will affect the pathologically jealous girl. She will never calm down and will not perceive your meetings with your ex as something normal. Moreover, it will be right in this, since many sin by intimacy with the ex.

If your girlfriend is important to you, then minimize your communication with your ex.

  1. Do not put ultimatums, even if you think about breaking up

It never works. That’s exactly what this conversation will do, it will add more nerves to her. Ultimatums carry the conversation into a hopeless course, and you both can say something that you will later regret. Yes, jealousy can be very frustrating, but it’s best to stay calm and make informed decisions.

By Cindy
July 15, 2020

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