Doctor explained who has minimal risk to get infected with COVID-19

The dotor called the categories of people who are less vulnerable or even resistible to the virus. The largest group is people with strong immune system.

Such immune system, with small dose of virus will react at the level of the upper respiratory tract and won’t let it get into the body, he says.

Another category is those, who recently recovered from seasonal coronaviruses. Experts believes that the antibodies or immune cells in their body will quickly respond to the virus.

But still, there’s no evidence base to declare that people with particular genotype are resistible to COVID-19. But scientists believe that in theory, there may exist peculiarities of receptors, which won’t let the virus to get into the body (it happens with HIV). Or, there may be special immune system condition, as the result – the immunity quickly responds to the infection.   

By Cindy
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July 15, 2020

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