According to some estimates, more than 50 million people are registered with Tinder worldwide. With so many people in the application and the fact that his popularity is growing every day, it seems that finding a girl there is easy.

But sometimes it happens that the number of coincidences that you have is very modest. Is that familiar? Well, you’re not alone. And there are many different reasons that affect whether this will happen to someone or not, and some of them have nothing to do with you and what you do or don’t do.

You can be very smart, kind, sensitive and gentle, but let’s be realistic: on a dating site you will most likely be swapped left or right, largely due to your photo. And do not be indignant at this – after all, guys choose girls according to the same principle.

Therefore, before you put your starting photo, make sure that the points below are not about you!

  1. Your photo is unsuccessful or of poor quality

A studio photo taken by a professional can add at least +10 points to the attractiveness of any person. And that is a fact. But even if you are not ready to invest so much in your profile, try to carefully approach the choice of a picture that the girls will see.

If the photo is dark, blurry, too pixelated, then his chances of swiping to the right are sharply reduced. As with selfies taken in poor lighting or at the wrong angle.

  1. Photo shows bad habits or very specific humor

You can smoke, you can like to drink, but to show it on the main photo in the dating application is not a good idea. Especially if this is not a staged picture, but a “photo report from the place of the party.” Bad habits repel many girls, especially if this is the first thing they learn about you.

Another point is the placement instead of your photo of some kind of picture from the Internet that seems cool to you. Yes, a sense of humor is one of the qualities that many girls appreciate in men, but when swiping, she wants to see you, not a funny meme. So hold them to communicate in PM.

  1. In the photo there is a “ghost of a former girlfriend”

Between us – really good photos in our archive are often those that were made at a wedding (friend or own). Why, you are in a beautiful suit, and the photographer takes you. And sometimes you get cool in the photo at the club or on vacation … in an embrace with the former.

And just cutting it off in Photoshop in this case is not an option. Because her hand will remain on you, and the girl in the application, even without being Sherlock Holmes, will immediately determine that your friend was not hugging you. And, quite possibly, it will swipe you to the left just for this reason.

What’s in your profile?

  1. Your bio is empty

By installing Tinder, you can be tempted to immediately review the profiles of all the girls in the application and go swapping with your head, “scoring” your bio. And in vain. Because you choose not only you, but also you.

And the lack of information on your page, alas, does not make you mysterious, but simply reduces your chances of a match. You do not need to put your entire biography there, but give a beautiful stranger a subtle hint that you are not only handsome, but also interesting. And she may well want to know you better.

  1. Your jokes is below the belt

Yes, many people come to this application for “this”, and there is nothing reprehensible in such behavior. But do not show it too openly and “dirty.” And even more so – using sexist jokes.

No, because you will not demonstrate your self-confidence and “alpha maleness”, and if now in your bio there is one of the vulgar (and, most likely, non-original) calls as a greeting – probably this is the reason for the low percentage of matches.

  1. You misinform the girls

We all want to make the most favorable first impression, but do not go to extremes and get to the point of outright lies.

Obvious misinformation is an almost guaranteed failure, and a more veiled lie will emerge after the start of communication. In both cases, nothing cool. Do you need it?

Do not forget about the features of Tinder

  1. You do not stand out from the crowd

One of the good and bad things about Tinder at the same time is that there are so many people in it now. This means that you have a lot of choices, but it also means that you have a lot of competitors.

And if you have few coincidences, maybe this is due to the fact that you dissolve in the crowd. You probably need to do very little to significantly increase the number of matches.

  1. Value may not be in your favor

Most of your success in online dating apps really has nothing to do with you or something that you are doing wrong, and is largely related to the number and proportion of people in your area.

The smaller the city in which you live, the less chance you have of a match because of the harsh and merciless math. If you are a heterosexual man who is in an area where there are more men than women (which is not so rare), then it will be much more difficult for you to get a match than if you were somewhere where the sex ratio is 50/50.

What can be done about this? To expand the search area in the settings, activate the application in the city center … or put up with it. Choose yourself.

And it may be in you

  1. Are you looking for something super specific

Are you sitting in Tinder to meet a specific person? Maybe you are only interested in vegans? Or are you looking for one that agrees to a relationship without commitment?

If you came there for a certain type of people, then be prepared for the fact that not everyone wants the same as you. And this is normal.

Of course, the idea of ​​concretizing your request is cool, because in this way you can filter out those who are definitely not suitable for you, avoid awkward conversations and find those with whom you definitely want to continue talking. But if you don’t have any coincidences at all, this particular reason may be the reason.

  1. You are too good

Yes, that sounds weird, but it does. When a girl sees a gorgeous photo of a very nice guy, or when you work in a very cool place, this can not only help you become mega-popular, but vice versa.

If you’re “too good,” girls may doubt whether these photos really belong to you. And swipe to the left, assuming that you have too many matches and you are unlikely to be able to pay them much attention, and just be afraid to tell you “yes”.

Therefore, if you perfectly designed your profile and wonder why no one responds, it is possible that you overdid it a bit.

  1. You are too selective

If you don’t get matches, but you swipe to the right yourself only in exceptional cases, it might be worth trying to say yes a little more often. Just try to like the experiment for a girl whose photos cannot be called the most perfect in the world, but which may turn out to be an interesting and pleasant interlocutor after you know her better.

When you are on a dating site, you may just be out of luck, and you will want to immediately remove the application. Do not rush. Yes, the matches may not sprinkle on you right away, like from a cornucopia, but sooner or later, a coincidence will happen. Make sure that your profile and photos do not look repulsive and be patient. This may take some time, but who knows who exactly you can meet there?

By Cindy
July 14, 2020

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