You probably don’t understand that you have been doing this all your life.

Every woman has a story about a guy who scared her. Most likely, there are even a few. If you do not believe this, just ask the woman. Ask any woman.

The truth is that in most cases, the interaction of a man with a woman may seem strange, and he will not be aware of this. Sometimes this happens even when everyone is simply doing their daily business.

If you come up with the thought of asking yourself if you scared the woman you were talking to, then most likely, yes, you scared.

What do you need to stop doing?

  1. Chase the girls

Do not, do not do this.

Anyone who has the Internet and the ability to print can learn a lot about any person. But this does not mean that he should do it. Internet harassment is incredibly common these days, and it is alarming for most women.

This is not romantic, it does not increase your chances, and if you find yourself doing this, step back immediately, stop writing to her.

Even worse, when online harassment goes into real life: the transition from checking their social networks to trying to figure out where they work or live is incredibly horrible. You think that you are just very determined and firm in your intentions, but … no. You are simply perceived as a maniac.

  1. Do not consider “no” a full answer

It’s time for all men to remember that the cliche adopted a long time ago, “If a girl said no, it means yes”. This is nonsense and stupidity. If she said no, it means that she refused you and nothing more.

Again, if you think that perseverance and lack of perception of the word “no” is romantic and attractive, then know that the girl who constantly fights off you does not think so.

If a woman wants to talk with you, she herself will come to talk with you. In short, you don’t have to start a conversation all the time, and if so, then it’s time to back off.

  1. Think that “Man is always ahead”

If you grew up learning about masculinity from traditional sources, most likely you think that men should be in front to win the heart of a woman. What if you sit back, she will never come to you.

I hasten to open your eyes and say that self-confident men who begin to flirt for no reason, out of the blue, are perceived by women exclusively as idiots.

Being too persistent and rude is a one way ticket, in a ban. If you really got into her, and you are not just attracted to her appearance, you will understand that how she treats you is as important as how you relate to her. It is important to approach your communication in such a way that it emphasizes her comfort, and not just your excitement.

  1. Being too romantic

It may surprise you, but 100 percent of this can scare away a woman, even if she will meet with you. You might think that in order to get her crazy, you need to insist that your mother accompany you on dates, but in fact, strong romance can be worse.

It is normal to feel strong emotions at the beginning of a relationship, but excessive romance, when you two are barely acquainted, can be interpreted as manipulation or just as an acting game.

Romantic gestures are not just what you fertilize your growing relationship with. They should be a genuine expression of your interest in another person.

  1. Abuse of authority

If you are a person whose work means that he is endowed with any authority, perhaps there are internal rules or company rules prohibiting the abuse of this power for your love life. You should never abuse your position in order to attract the attention of a woman to whom you feel sympathy.

No matter how tempting an attempt is to use situations in which you have the opportunity to “ascend” to win a woman’s heart, she’s not only doubtful, she can also frighten her and humiliate her. And if you have nothing more to “take”, then it’s better to just work on yourself.

By Cindy
July 13, 2020

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