Belgium professor made a prediction on pandemic

The real number of infected people if 3 times higher than official reports say. So, all efforts do not bring the result. Also, it is not reasonable to wait that the vaccine will bring the pandemic to the end. It is also possible, that the pandemic will last for some years and will end in social crisis. Such statement was made by the well-known HIV and Ebola specialist.

Professor Peter Piot have recovered from COVID-19. So, based on his own experience, he concluded that the disease is more severe than it may seem.  He was able to look at the problem from the other side. He said that the crisis today is social. Moreover, he believes that the number of infected is among 20 million people.

Coronavirus has become the reason of strong social crisis, but still many European countries successfully defeat the first wave of the disease.

Professor believes that the pandemic is on the onset and all terrible consequences are only to appear. As long as there exist people vulnerable to the virus, the disease cannot be neutralized. But still, he believes that the vaccine will be effective and will help people to recover more quickly. So, it is important to observe all restrictions and quarantine measures, he added.   

By Cindy
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July 13, 2020

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