Surely you already once thought that it would be nice to participate in free relationships, which include communication and physical contacts with more than just one single girl. Recently, this idea has become increasingly attractive, and the concept of monogamy seems unnatural, outdated and mistakenly imposed by society.

If you are really bored with the experience of traditional relationships, and you want to make your life more diverse and add bright colors to it, I have some basic tips for you on how to establish an open relationship.

What is an open relationship?

Open (or free) relationships – this is the kind of relationship that involves the possibility of romantic interaction with several people.

Naturally, the conditions for such relationships are determined individually by partners. Depending on prior arrangements, flirting, dating, kisses, and sometimes intimacy may be allowed.

It is also important to remember that open relationships are not suitable for everyone, so they must be agreed upon by partners.

How to enter open relationship and not do stupid things

An open relationship is not a license for bad deeds
It is important to remember that any relationship is built on trust, honesty and mutual respect. And if you are in a non-monogamous relationship – this does not give you the right to meet anyone you want without warning your girlfriend about it.

Deception remains a deception, even in a free relationship, so if you know for sure that something will be unpleasant for your beloved, this simply should not be done. Do not neglect the feelings of a partner and adhere to the agreements.

And do not behave as if you are not at all in a relationship, because it is not. An open relationship is a fully conscious and healthy practice based on the communication of its participants.

Never think for your girlfriend

One of the main components of a free relationship is an honest and frank conversation with each other – without nerves, conflicts and anger. Try to discuss the boundaries of your relationship from time to time and “update” ideas about what is allowed and what is not.

It is possible that at some point one of you may have an unpleasant feeling of jealousy. To minimize this opportunity, you should try to avoid hierarchies between partners.

Sometimes a feeling of jealousy can indeed be a problematic factor for all participants in the relationship, so if it reaches a serious scale, we must try to understand its causes.

Admit your mistakes and be able to let the person go

As you know, not all relationships are ideal, even if they are free. If you have any problem, misunderstanding, differences in ideals and other incompatibilities, it is important to be honest with yourself and courageous in order to admit that you are not suitable for each other.

If you want everything in your union to be perfect, you need to take care and invest time and energy. In a word, even if you are in a free relationship, you must love each other.

Therefore, be honest and respectful, and remember that an open relationship is not a reason to be a bad person.

By Cindy
July 12, 2020

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