Europeans are more vulnerable to COVID-19 than Asians, new study says

Earlier, there existed an opinion, that Asians are 5 times more likely to get infected with coronavirus than Europeans. But the new study showed that the most vulnerable to the infection are Europeans as they up to 6 times more likely to lose senses of smell and taste, than other nations. Also, they suffer from other severe symptoms.

When the virus was spreading throughout China, there was no information about loss of senses. Such information occurred when the virus appeared in Europe. European medical staff confirmed that the majority of infected people had lost senses of smell and taste. Moreover, such symptoms are relevant to only 6-15% of Asian patients, according to the statistics.

The study was conducted by physicians from the United States and Poland. It showed that differences in symptoms are not connected with virus mutations. The reason lies in genetic code, which differs from region to region.

In the framework of studies, it was found that the virus gets into the body through nose and then sneaks into brain and as the result, spreads throughout nervous system. This explains why the pandemic in Europe is severe than in China.   

By Cindy
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July 12, 2020

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