Coronavirus in China: the number of infected in January was 40 times higher than the official data

In fact, the number of infected people in China was 37 times higher than the official data says. Such conclusion was made by the American research center RAND Corporation after their study on flights.

Specialists collected data official from Johns Hopkins University and connect it with flights. So, they were able to calculate the number of infected passengers.

172 new cases were recorded daily in January 2020, according to the official data. It means that for every 8 million people in China there was only one infected.

Scientists analyzed 5 risk countries. Almost 3.7 million people arrived there from China. So, if the official data was correct, the risk of coronavirus transmission wouldn’t be higher than 9%. But taking into account the number of infected people in other countries in January, the number of transported cases is 87%. It means that actual level of infection in China was 37 times higher.

It means that in January 2020, there was 19 thousand infected people in China. But local authorities reported on only 503 cases. Specialists want to conduct new studies to gain more information and finally prove that China was deceiving the whole world.  

By Cindy
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July 12, 2020

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