If you met a girl who has a child, there is no husband, and you are ready to enter into a relationship with her, this material is for you.
Even if you are not going to become someone’s stepfather, but just want a temporary relationship, these tips will help you avoid possible mistakes.

  1. Try to state your intentions right away

You might think that talking about all your expectations and intentions at the initial stages of a relationship is not entirely appropriate, but if you decide to meet with a single mother, it is better to talk about it as soon as possible.

When a single mother starts dating someone, she probably just wants to have fun or find support in order to go through the difficult stage of her life. It can be fun walks or intimacy, which give hope for the future.

Some girls may start dating a man because of longing for a serious relationship, so you and she need to understand who you see each other and what you want. Be honest with the girl and yourself and regularly talk with her about your feelings and feelings as the relationship develops.

  1. Do not try to appear as a knight on a white horse

Ever heard of White Knight Syndrome? Hardly? Psychotherapists describe him as “a compulsive need to be the guardian of your partner, who, in your opinion, needs protection and patronage.”

The fact is that this syndrome can be counterproductive in relations between two people and subsequently bring only disappointment, emotional and physical exhaustion, and also cause financial losses.

However, it is worth noting that there is nothing wrong with wanting to help and support the person you love. This is a positive intention. Just do not bring it to the extent that you begin to suffer.

  1. Know your place

Remember that she suffered, suffered moral and physical pain, and also daily faces new challenges to do everything possible for the well-being of her child.

Therefore, one should not expect that suddenly you will become the number one priority for her. Do not complain that she does not give you enough time, or is often tired after work. Better support her if you see that it’s hard for her and don’t put your needs first.

  1. Do not delay the meeting with her child

You should not wait for certain conditions, a suitable time or “that very moment” to meet your girlfriend’s child. If you delay this meeting, he may have certain expectations that you may not be able to justify.

Therefore, the best tactic will be to meet her child so that he does not have time to compose a picture of another person about you.

By the way, to find the right approach to him, look at how his mother treats him, analyze her manners and methods of education. In addition, in the initial stages of meeting children, they don’t need to know that for their mother you are more than just a friend.

  1. Remember that you have a big impact on her baby

If everything is serious with you, and you are already a frequent guest in your girlfriend’s house, you need to understand that you are becoming a role model for her child. Therefore, you need to monitor your actions and words so that they do not have a negative impact on him.

In addition, your relationship with her, which the child will look at and design their own concepts of how adults behave, will also act as a role model.

By Cindy
July 11, 2020

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