Tune in to the right signals during dinner, and you will no longer feel that women don’t like you. During your meal, she can give very important signals that will definitely tell you: she is interested.

  1. She chose a place facing the wall

And not facing the restaurant hall. This means that she does not need anyone at the moment, except for you, she focused only on you.

You, in turn, also do not forget about the language of your body. Do not sit constrained, straighten your shoulders, look into her eyes, do not touch your fingers and hands.

  1. She cares for you

If you spilled a drink, dropped the plug loudly or dropped it with ketchup, watch for her reaction.

If she turns away, is embarrassed, or does nothing at all, she suppresses her maternal instincts because she does not feel any attraction to you. But this is not the law: perhaps she is simply calm towards such things.

  1. She tastes your steak.

In the literal sense, no hints! Invite her to try your meal. If she takes your fork and cleans the food on her plate, she may not be attracted to you. When you offer her a try, look into her eyes and slowly move the fork to her mouth. Thus, she can gracefully refuse if she is not ready for such “games.”
But, I confess, she can be just fastidious and that’s all.

  1. She is not distracted from talking with you.

If she listens to you, reacts to your words and maintains a dialogue without distractions, then dance! A woman will never be chained to something without sincere interest. Never.

  1. She removes physical barriers between you

One of the most unusual signs of sympathy is the removal of physical barriers. Some theories say that someone who is not sure of another person will subconsciously place a symbolic “barrier” between them: for example, a wallet or a coffee cup.

If there are no obstacles – for example, if the woman you are talking with moves her cup to the side or puts her handbag on the floor, then this may be a signal that she is ready to open to you.

  1. She asks you a lot of questions.

She wants to know about everything from your baby to your college?

It is easy to conclude from this that if a woman asks a man personal questions, this is a big sign that she would like to know him better.

By Cindy
July 10, 2020

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