WHO made a prediction on COVID-19 transmission by October 2020

According to simulated data, the number of infected in Latin America will be 438 thousand people. But this is possible only in case of security measures rejection, as America is a pandemic epicenter today.

This prediction was made by Carissa Etienne, Regional Director of the World Health Organization for the Americas. If the authorities won’t impose strict quarantine measures, the number of deceased will be 637 thousand people.

The peak of the outbreak in Chile and Colombia is expected in mid-July, in Brazil, Argentina, Peru – in August, and in Costa Rica – only in October. Etienne and other heads of WHO regional offices are convinced that the regions where the quarantine measures are already weakened may become the new epicenter.

Etienne also noted that there are few new cases in Washington and New York, but in other states the pandemic is on the increase. Some Caribbean countries have already neutralized the virus – there is no reports on new cases of infection.

Now, Latin America has to do everything to maintain the infection rate. If the quarantine measures is weakened, the number of infected people will grow rapidly.

By Cindy
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July 9, 2020

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