Nobody knows how your date with a new girl will end today – you can never meet again, or after a while you can have a bunch of children. But regardless of the outcome, you will most likely want to make a good impression on her.

  1. Do not forget about clothes

You can be smart, successful, kind and just sweetheart, but it is your appearance that is what your companion will pay attention to first of all during your meeting. This does not mean that you need to wear a tuxedo on a date, but to think in advance about what you will wear will not be superfluous.

  1. No hands

It may seem to you that touching her on a first date shows that you like her. However, this behavior can be interpreted as your habit of behaving this way on every first date. Not the best way to make a girl feel special, right?

On the first date, the number of touches is best limited to a minimum, they should be natural, friendly and warm – not intimate.

In other words, it will be great to take her hand to help her get out of the car, or put her hand on her lower back to guide her through a crowded restaurant. But do not hug her neck and do not hold her hand all the time or too tightly.

  1. Feel free to talk

Maybe you like to think of yourself as a strong, silent type – but all she sees is a guy who is either emotionally closed or very boring.

Invite her to go somewhere or do something together that you know a lot about and are passionate about, for example, playing bowling or attending a concert of your favorite band – this way you will not have problems with the topic of conversation.

But before using this advice, make sure that your hobbies coincide, and the girl is happy to go to your chosen place.

  1. Don’t be mean

There is a huge difference between frugality and stinginess. “Economical” makes an appointment in “happy hours” or not in the most pompous café of the city, but mean says the girl that she cannot order dessert.

A girl may decide that if you are stingy in relation to money, then you will probably be stingy in expressing emotions and, possibly, in bed. Agree, this is not the impression you would like to make.

  1. Agree in advance to pay the bill

As with the difference between saving and stinginess, there is a line between gentlemanly and obsessive behavior. We live in a time when equal and partnership relations are gradually becoming the norm. We all make money, and a woman may very well want to pay her share herself – do not deprive her of this right.

The best tactic is to delicately tell her that you want to take the costs for yourself, and if she asks to split the bill, do not put pressure on her. And remember, if you buy someone dinner, this in no way means that a person owes you something.

  1. Make sure that you both participate in the conversation.

Of course, you should tell her about yourself, but this does not mean that you need to dominate the conversation, incoherently talking about your life – this will make you look narcissistic. Or even worse – without showing any interest in her, you can make the girl think that you are just waiting for the date to finish, so you can quickly put her to bed.

What will amaze her even more than information about your achievements is a genuine interest in her. If you do not know where to start, then questions about her work and hobbies, as a rule, will be a good topic for conversation on the first date.

  1. Do not drink alcohol

Having drunk on your first date, you double your chances of looking like a fool – and you jeopardize your second date. At least the girl will have doubts: did you eagerly swallow whiskey to ease the excitement of your first date, or do you have serious problems with alcohol?

Therefore, alternate “strong” drinks with non-alcoholic drinks, control the amount you have drunk, and if it is difficult for you to do this, then it is better to completely abandon the “degree” this evening.

  1. Avoid talking about ex

Remember: the first date should be fun. And the mention of all your former passions, and even more so the attempt to find out the number of guys that your companion had, will surely be the worst topic for conversation.

Just avoid this topic and be sure to make sure that you are really ready for a date with a new girl and finally survived the breakup with your ex. And yes, we hope you weren’t even going to mention how heartless the bitch she was – it’s just low.

  1. Do not swear

Some women like bad boys, but cursing like a shoemaker will probably make the girl think about your limited vocabulary rather than your “coolness”.

  1. Be a gentleman

Women today do not need excessive chivalry, but this does not mean that you should completely forget about good manners. Allowing the door to slam shut in front of her face, offending the waiter, or having the whole date buried on her phone is a behavior she’s unlikely to find attractive.

No matter how modern it is, a woman wants doors to open before her. She also expects that you can behave at the table, and will certainly appreciate if you first help her remove her outer clothing, and then give her her.

  1. Drop the conversation about money

Talking about money is a bad idea, regardless of whether you are gloating over your impressive bank account or complaining that you have absolutely no savings. And to ask about her salary is completely bad taste.

  1. Do not forget to give her a polite compliment

Even if her legs, breasts or hips look divine, restrain yourself and put aside your admiration for them out loud until you know each other a little better.

For a first date, you should choose a more neutral thing – a cool hairstyle, wardrobe item, accessory. As a last resort, a smile, eyes, a cute feature in gestures. The main condition is that you really like this feature of it. Because a sincere compliment is always a bad compliment.

By Cindy
July 9, 2020

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