Scientists reported on long-term consequences of coronavirus

Specialists continue to study the influence of virus on human body. This time the recent study concluded that recovered people may suffer from the consequences for the rest of their lives.  

Coronavirus affects lungs, causes chronic fatigue and psychological diseases as it influences on nervous system, according to scientists.

The UK National Health Service found out that the COVID-19 affects the cardiovascular system, lungs, and brain. The study showed that almost 30% of recovered face pulmonary fibrosis, 50% – severe physical, cognitive and psychological disorders which are not curable.

Every ninth patient has severe damage to the cardiovascular system, and 70% has psychological disorders and sometimes deal with delusional disorders.

The most vulnerable to such alterations are people aged from 40 to 50. Such patients suffer from life-term consequences more often. But still, patients who had mild form of coronavirus, didn’t have any symptoms or weren’t hospitalized also may face some problems.

Doctors continue to insist on strict observation of security measures, as the infection may be cured, but its terrifying consequences – not. Complications after disease are more dangerous than the virus itself as they may come to the light any time.

By Cindy
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July 9, 2020

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