Scientists created new peptide that blocks coronavirus in human body

Scientists from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, with the help of computational models of protein interactions, created a peptide, which binds coronavirus proteins. Further, they will be redirected, where they will be neutralized. Specialists believe that they will be able to stop virus’s multiplying in human body using this peptide.

Today scientists are trying to develop the COVID-19 vaccine and cure. All studies were focused on the development of antibodies that can neutralize virus proteins, in particular those, which is used to penetrate the human body. So, specialists suggested to use not antibodies but peptides which are part of special proteins.

It was believed that there would be one special peptide, which would be able not only detect the virus cells, but also neutralize them. As a result, 25 peptides that match all the requirements were created. Now, specialists plan to test them on infected cells. The experiment will be conducted in special laboratory. In case of positive result, scientists will start animal trials.  

By Cindy
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July 8, 2020

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