Recovered from coronavirus deal with severe consequences

Dr. Paul Garner from the Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine declared that coronavirus is long-term disease as the recovered patients deal with severe consequences, in particular, with chronic fatigue.

The consequences may be terrifying. Many recovered patients are not able even to get out of the bed after the disease as their body is too sick. Long rest cannot solve this problem. The only way to cope is to wait. Paul Garnet noted that the relief of this symptom he felt only at the 14th week.

Garner was examined by the expert. He called this condition a fatigue after a viral disease.

After rehabilitation, Garner started to study this symptom. He found out that a lot of people face this problem. Fatigue syndrome usually appear after any infection. Coronavirus is also infection. People just have to wait. Over time, the body will recover, but it requires several months.

By Cindy
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July 8, 2020

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