British scientists created an inhaler for the COVID-19 treatment

British scientists created an inhaler for COVID-19 self-treatment. The creators highlighted that this tool may be used only in the first stages of infection. The inhaler can help to prevent serious consequences and death if timely used, scientists believe.

With the help of inhaler, patient inhales experimental cure which helps the immune system to fight the infection. During tests, the patients with COVID-19 symptoms appeared 72 hours before got the inhaler with the cure.

Recall, that the COVID-19 vaccine is being developed throughout the world. In Russia it may be applied in the fall. American company Moderna announced human trials in July. According to the recent data, the total number of coronavirus cases in the world exceeded 8.6 million. 458 thousand people deceased, more than 4.2 million completely cured.

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July 7, 2020

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