Scientists from Oxford revealed the origin of coronavirus

Tom Jefferson, a scientist at the Oxford Center for Evidence-Based Medicine, gathered evidence that coronavirus did not appear in Asia and not in December 2019, but much earlier. A senior researcher disproved the theory that coronavirus is artificial and was created in a Chinese laboratory.

Jefferson explained that the virus could have appeared long before the pandemic, but was in a dormant state and became active due to a certain combination of factors. The scientist cited evidence that the new coronavirus was not detected for the first time in China. But last week, Spanish epidemiologists reported that SARS-CoV-2 was found in Barcelona in March 2019. And the outbreak in Wuhan was recorded only in December 2019.

In addition, traces of coronavirus were found in wastewater in Milan and Turin, as well as in Brazil and other places. “I think the virus was already here, and by here, I mean everywhere on the planet. It’s possible that now we are dealing with a sleeping virus that has been activated by environmental conditions” he said. Jefferson emphasized that virus agents don’t come from anywhere. They may be activated due to population increase or changes in environmental conditions. The scientist believes that the virus can be transmitted not only directly from person to person, but also, through wastewater.

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July 6, 2020

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