Love can sneak up when you least expect it.

Sometimes this really happens: we are not looking for love, but it appears. In this case, it is sometimes difficult to understand whether this is really that love or just a strong hobby, especially at the very beginning of the relationship.

Of course, it can be “love at first sight”, but in reality it happens much less than in the movies.

More often, love requires much more than being struck by its stunning appearance – this requires the adoption of a complete set of personality, which it is, including the shortcomings that everyone has.

However, these are the main signs that you may have fallen in love seriously and permanently.

  • When you have news (both good and bad) – she is the first person to whom you want to tell them

Usually you talk about some significant events in your life to your parents, brothers, sisters or close friends. But now she is the first one you think of at such moments.

And the point is not only that this news can affect her too, but, more likely, also because she will be happy for you or will be able to support. It is important to her what is happening in your life, and you value her opinion on a variety of issues.

  • Most of your best stories are related to her.

Chatting with friends, you notice that she is present in almost all the funny stories that happen to you. Or at least you can’t help but mention her reaction to this event.

By the way, such vivid memories at the initial stage help to build an unforgettable relationship, so there is a good reason why you can’t stop talking about them.

  • Do you like the way she looks without makeup and casual wear

It’s nice when she dresses up for a date with you, but in fact you prefer her without bright makeup and accessories. In the form in which she is comfortable, and when she knows that she can be herself next to you, without meeting unnecessary condemnations.

When relationships reach this level, it shows that you have nothing to hide, you are natural and take care of each other.

  • You can’t lie to her

Not that you constantly lie, but it’s hard for her to tell even the smallest and innocent lie. You do not want her to be upset or feel that she can not trust you.

After all, you perfectly understand that once you lose, it is not so easy to regain trust. Even planning a surprise for her birthday is difficult for her, since you are used to telling her everything at once.

  • You really wonder how her friends are doing.

Although you probably will never have the same relationship with her company as hers, but you still try to learn more about them. The fact that you know who her best friend works with shows that you are investing time and effort in developing your relationship.

  • Talking with her, you changed your mind about some important things

Perhaps you have never wanted to marry before. Or maybe the children seemed to you completely “not yours” option. It’s not that love will force you to sharply reconsider all your priorities, but it certainly can make some ideas seem less crazy.

  • You reflect on some of her words even after your conversation

Whether it was a joke or an observation, this statement was so interesting that you mentally return to it. And for a good reason – this may be the key moment when you realize that this is love, and not just love.

Perhaps she made you think about life a little differently or summed up the special moment that you spent together – keenly or smartly. Her words are remembered because they are special to you.

  • You support her dreams

Even if her wildest dreams seem impractical or unprofitable for your relationship, you still support her from a pure heart. And maybe you’re even trying to help her in their implementation. You want to be sure that she lives a full life, as she deserves it, even if it means that you two will have to stay at a distance for a while.

Love is a wonderful thing. It’s great when you understand how much you care and support someone else. Just remember: love is not always easy, but it must always be cherished. Treat love as if you are always on a third date. Stay interested, active and always have fun. And everything will be as it should!

By Cindy
July 6, 2020

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