Dating services are becoming an increasingly popular way to find, if not love, then new friends or relationships for one night. So it’s quite logical that such applications attract not only single people, but also scammers who, through various manipulations, are trying to make money on these people.

I will tell you about the alarm signals that indicate that your interlocutor may be a scammer. Ideally, you will never come across this. But if this does happen, I advise you not only to stop communicating with an unscrupulous account, but also to inform moderators about it.

  1. Offer to leave the app

Online dating services have the ability to track and ban accounts that receive complaints, so fraudsters tend to transfer communication with you to another place as soon as possible.

By “leading” you into some kind of third-party messenger, the fraudster hopes thereby to reduce the chances that you will be able to complain about him in the future. This is important for him, because then he will not have to create a new profile for hunting for other victims.

You should be especially wary of the suggestion to continue communication in some application unknown to you or suspicious links – be careful, these may be phishing sites, the purpose of which is to get your personal data.

  1. Linguistic anomalies

Although the level of language proficiency is different for all of us, there are mistakes and phrases that will confuse anyone.

If your “interlocutor” writes very “peculiar” messages – this is an occasion to beware. Is there a scammer from another country who uses a mechanical translator? Or worse, a programmed bot? (Yes, they are also used for these dirty purposes on a dating site).

Look again at the profile of the girl – if she is not a foreigner, but in the bio it is said that she has a higher education, this should alert you even more. As well as the fact that response messages always ignore what you wrote earlier – this is a clear sign of correspondence with the bot.

  1. Alert photos

By no means do we want to say what you should suspect of the fraud of all beautiful girls, but look at the photo of your match a little more closely – does it not seem too pixelated to you? Or vice versa – too professional?

In order to cast aside all doubts and, moreover, not offend the interlocutor with the direct question “Are these your photos exactly?”, Spend a couple of minutes checking the image through the image search on Google. So you can find out if the fraudster used someone else’s photo for the profile.

  1. Loan requests

Fraudsters are good psychologists, besides they are cunning, otherwise it would be difficult for them to lure people out of their money. And their lies, as a rule, sound very convincing. Sometimes they are even very patient and spend some time trying to gain confidence in you without betraying themselves.

And then something happens: a serious illness of a loved one, a wallet in a taxi is forgotten, or a suitcase is lost at the airport. An annoying misunderstanding or a real tragedy – in fact, is not so important. The important thing is that money is urgently needed. And they, of course, will be returned to you, perhaps even in double size.

Unfortunately, everything really happens in life, and any person with good intentions can have a crisis situation in which no one but you can help him out. Therefore, listen to your intuition and analyze your communication. Does nothing bother you? Think again and only then make a decision. But if after help you are again asked for money, you need to sound the alarm.

  1. The impossibility of meeting

You begin to correspond with a seemingly pretty girl, and soon she will try to make an appointment, but then cancel it at the last minute under the pretext that seems almost probable. She was unexpectedly sent on a business trip, or her mother fell ill and needs care. The meeting is rescheduled. And then a few minutes before the next date, she again cancels the meeting.

The reason is a little stranger, but still remotely similar to the truth. Then another ridiculous situation happens, but this time she needs money. And we return to the previous paragraph. Dating site scammers almost never meet their victims.

Firstly, because in a personal meeting they are easier to calculate, and secondly, it will deprive them of the sense of security and anonymity that the Internet gives. But they, as you understand, do not want to.

  1. Strange behavior

Each person has his own individual way of communication, but there is a line between an impressive woman and suspicious behavior. Fraudsters, as a rule, write first. They are completely delighted with you and do not skimp on ardent confessions.

They are in a hurry – to transfer your communication to another application or even to “real” and are ready to give you a lot of promises of anything, without expecting anything in return. In addition to money.

Suspecting every girl of fraud, it makes no sense to go to dating services. But if you see logical inconsistencies in her story, she is too persistent, and when it comes to money, the interlocutor can start to beg you. Be careful and ask yourself the question: “Do I trust this person?”

Good luck to you!

By Cindy
July 5, 2020

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