When for one reason or another it is not so easy to leave.

The last time being under one roof after a divorce or separation is becoming an increasingly common practice, and very often precisely for financial reasons. It is becoming almost unbearable for many couples to live together under such conditions, but there is a way out of this situation.

Most often, after parting, people have one thought – to get away from this guy / girl and safely survive everything that happened. But sometimes it’s impossible to move out because the couple have joint children, there is no money, or there’s nowhere to go.

If you suddenly find yourself in a similar situation, there are several ways to protect yourself from daily conflicts and the hostile environment around.

Make sure you do your best to move out

The fact is that some men may mistakenly think that they have nowhere to go, and no one is waiting for them anywhere, but in fact they simply may fear the impending loneliness or banal discomfort. Some still hope that they will again meet with the girl, while others simply do not want to leave the place that they have already taken root in a long time.

However, if you understand that this is not another quarrel and you really broke up, you should do everything possible in the very near future to start living separately from each other. Say why?

Because the prospect of seeing every day the person who abandoned you or whom you abandoned is a catastrophic experience either on one or the other side. After all, the worst thing that can be done is to behave as if nothing happens when the world around us literally splits in half.

Any psychotherapist will also advise you to refrain from such cohabitation, explaining this by the fact that living in a toxic environment full of disorder and chaos is simply harmful.

Naturally, there are times when it all ends well. For example, if after a certain period of ignoring on both sides, the once-in-love couple suddenly realizes that the conflict arose was one big mistake.

Be prepared for your relationship to get worse

Not everyone can leave immediately, but in the conditions of such cohabitation, you must understand that sooner or later your relationship can become even worse. Up to scandals and senseless humiliations.

Of course, you should not live in anticipation of the negative, but you should definitely be prepared for it.

Moreover, this negative can occur not only in the girl in relation to you, but also in you in relation to her. Therefore, in order not to heat up the situation to the limit, it is worth thinking about the speedy resolution of your so-called housing problem.

Set some rules with the girl

The only sure way out of this situation is to establish some rules that should help both of you cope with the upcoming cohabitation.

Of course, all your agreements will depend on the situation, and even more on how you relate to each other.

List of basic recommendations that will help you survive cohabitation after breaking up with a girl:

  • do not sleep together;
  • distribute the house into zones (private and general);
  • try to stay alone with each other as rarely as possible in the same room;
  • try to be polite to each other, even if you want to be rude;
  • distribute household chores;
  • distribute financial expenses;
  • do not start meeting with someone on the side until you finally get corroded;
  • stop quarreling over the fact that you broke up;
  • try to determine the date of departure and let your girlfriend know about it.
By Cindy
July 4, 2020

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