Experimental COVID-19 vaccine successfully passed human trials

German company BioNTech and US pharmaceutical giant Pfizer reported successful preliminary results in human trials of COVID-19 vaccine.

The vaccine is called BNT162b1 and even in small doses generals the production of antibodies in huge amount, according to the CEO of BioNTech.

Preliminary data were obtained from the research of ½ stage, which was aimed at showing that the vaccine isn’t toxic and provokes strong reaction of immune system.

From 45 experiment participants, aged from 18 to 55, the majority got 2 doses with 21 days interval, – it was vaccine or placebo.

The report says that a large number of participants had a fever after the second injection, but authors notes that it is not unexpected reaction and it isn’t consider to be an obstacle.

By Cindy
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July 4, 2020

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