American scientists reported on “ominous tentacles” of coronavirus

The group of scientists from the University of California at San Francisco found out that SARS-CoV-2 has special threads, similar to tentacles, which help to infect body cells and quickly spread in the body.

According to Professor Nevan Krogan, the head of the group, “ominous” threads punch cell’s membrane and the infections is transmitted from one cell to another. “We believe that this makes the infection quicker”, he said.

The authors of the study concluded that the infected cells use their threads to infect healthy cells. The ability to infect the cells with the help of threads differentiate SARS-CoV-2 from other viruses of this type, which cause such diseases as HIV and smallpox.

Thanks to this study, scientists made a conclusion that COVID-19 may be treated by the drugs used in cancer treatment.  

By Cindy
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July 4, 2020

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