WHO reported which COVID-19 vaccines are almost ready

Sumia Swaminathan, chief researcher at the World Health Organization, said that American vaccine from Moderna and British-Swedish from AstraZeneca are the leaders today among 15 developing vaccines, that now is tested on humans.

She also notes that WHO have already registered among 200 potential vaccines which are now on different stages of testing.

In the nearest future some of these 15 vaccines may ho on the second and third stage of testing. In particular, the vaccine from AstraZeneca.

Of course, I think that they are leaders according to the stages of their testing, she said. As they go through the second stage of testing, very soon we will see the results of trials on humans. Also, they are planning the third stage of testing.

In addition, American company Moderna, will soon start the second stage of clinical trials.

By Cindy
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July 3, 2020

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