In Sweden the investigation of measures against COVID-19 started

Special commission was created in Sweden to investigate the authorities’ approach to fight the infection. The commission if headed by the former President of the Supreme Administrative Court, Mats Melin.

The commission will evaluate all authorities’ measures taken against coronavirus and compare them with the experience of other countries. The final report should be published in February 2022. Two preliminary reports should be published earlier. The first one – on November 30.

The creation of this commission to investigate the authorities’ reaction was required by the opposition parties in Sweden.

Sweden is one of the few countries which denied all strict measures of quarantine. One of the authorities’ recommendation was the cancelation of all public events where more than 50 people were expected to be.  Juhan Gieseke, a scientific adviser to the Swedish government and WHO declared that social distance and hand washing are exhaustive measures against coronavirus. He believes the lockdown to be useless, and the restriction to go out – stupidity. According to him, the population should obtain “collective immunity”, for which 60% of population have to be infected.

In June, the country’s chief epidemiologist Anders Tegnell recognized, that Sweden’s approach only led to high death rate. He called the main mistake: the authorities didn’t focus on elderly protection from the beginning of the outbreak. As the result, half of all deceased are residents of nursing homes.

By Cindy
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July 2, 2020

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