Why antibiotics are dangerous in COVID-19 treatment

When the coronavirus pandemic has started, scientists didn’t have any drugs statistics, which can be used in treatment. More often, patients were prescribed broad-spectrum antibiotics to neutralize the bacterial infections.

We can’t say, that doctors were mistaken while prescribing antibiotics. When you deal with severe course of disease and patients are dying of unknown virus, you will do everything to help them, – says Jeffrey Stritch, a researcher and doctor at the clinical center of the National Institutes of Health (USA).

Doctors know that antibiotics are not always effective against viruses like COVID-19. They just were afraid of dangerous co-infections.

Such infections may include such diseases as pneumonia, bloodstream infection, and urinary tract infections. Recently, scientists made a conclusion that 50% of deceased COVID-19 patients, had secondary infections. They also found out high level of antibiotics use.

Recent research showed that 75% of COVID-19 were prescribed antimicrobials drugs. Antibiotics resistance appeared when microbes develop the ability to ignore drugs, according to CDC.

It turned out that the infections, caused by antibiotic resistant microbes, are almost impossible to treat.  A growing global threat of antibiotics resistance is more severe problem than COVID-19 pandemic.

Director General of the World Health Organization (WHO) Tedros Adhanom Ghbreyesus announced that the pandemic caused wider use of antibiotics, which leads to inevitable high bacterial resistance and will affect the death rate during the pandemic and after it.

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July 1, 2020

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