Relations without trust can be very stressful.

Warning: the absence of any of these items (or even all) is no reason to suspect your girlfriend of insincerity. Psychology and human behavior are not mathematics or physics, and there are no exact formulas here. Therefore, in addition to typical patterns of behavior, pay attention also to your intuition and sensations.

  1. She shares with you all her feelings

Being honest about your thoughts and feelings is one of the most important signs that you can trust your partner.

Openness and vulnerability in a conversation, as well as a willingness to share what a person really thinks, even if it puts him at risk of ridicule and criticism from the partner, is a frightening moment in many ways.

Nevertheless, the fact that your partner is in no hurry to share her thoughts with you does not mean that she does not want to do this. A conversation helps some people cope with their emotions, but others need time to sort out their feelings. Even if it takes her a few hours (days or weeks) to open, this emotional discussion reveals a deep level of trust in the relationship.

  1. She puts things off to talk to you

For example, stop reading a book or resist the urge to stand behind a glass of water while discussing something important to you? These are indicators that she cares about what you say.

  1. She admits that she is wrong

Recognizing petty blunders shows that she is ready to be honest and trusts you when she is vulnerable.

If you cannot take responsibility for the little things, then you cannot take responsibility for serious things. When we hide, lie and defend something, we are thus afraid of letting a person closer.

On the other hand, an apology shows a desire to build relationships on trust.

  1. She listens carefully to you

The fact that she remains silent while you complain about a bad day shows that the girl respects your feelings.

Often we try to fill the space with suggestions and ideas on how to help a person. And that usually doesn’t help, because the other person just wants to be heard.

When you listen to her, try not to feel awkward in silence. When she expresses her feelings, ask if you can help with something, instead of immediately offering advice.

  1. She is looking for a reason to touch you

Intimacy is not the only sign of physical intimacy in a relationship. Holding your hand and kissing in the morning, she shows her affection and … trust.

The way a couple is physically close to each other also tells a lot about how much they trust each other at a deeper level. To come back to hug you when you cook is intimate. It’s not just about sexual intercourse, it’s about the little things.

  1. She respects your feelings.

For example, if you are jealous of her as an attractive business partner, and she offers to introduce you to him, thereby she most likely tries to prioritize your relationship.

It is always important to show your partner that he comes first. So you try to help your partner not to feel insecure and not to feel distrust.

  1. Her questions are not like interrogation.

Often (though not always) people start to suspect a partner because they can imagine themselves creating the problems they blame for their partner. Therefore, if there is trust in the relationship, it will not radiate these skeptical vibrations.

You demonstrate support by showing that you really trust a person, taking her words at face value, and not interrogating her.

  1. She can give you her phone while she drives.

You should never rummage in the phone of your partner, but if she gives you her phone for no reason, you will know that she has nothing to hide.

It’s not the same as checking someone yourself, because it makes you look like a policeman, and it’s an unhealthy behavior. But when a person makes such a gesture on his own initiative, he seems to want to let know: “I am an open book in the field of technology, and there is nothing on my phone that I would not want you to see.

By Cindy
June 30, 2020

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