During the quarantine, people began to see nightmares

People in social media started to share their strange and terrific dreams. Of course, they saw them earlier, but during the quarantine such cases increase in several times.

Terrifying wars, murders of relatives and experiments of doctors are a small part of these dreams. The number of such stories increases every day. People started to analyze dreams more often and precisely.

Erin Gravely from San Francisco created a web site were everybody can publish a story about strange dreams. Everyone can fill out a form on idreamofcovid.com, tell a story about dream. Then Erin will add the illustration and then publish the story.

Experts noted that nightmares – is ordinary reaction of our body on stress. At night, our brain processes all daily information. This is scientific reason of such nightmares.

By Cindy
In Other
June 28, 2020

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