Italian scientist say that coronavirus is on decrease

Coronavirus is quickly spreading around the world and has become a reason of infection of 9 million people, says data provided by Johns Hopkins University. Half a million are dead. Specialists are developing vaccine to neutralize the virus. It is worth to note that some of them are now testing on people.

Professor Matteo Bassetti from Italy believes that coronavirus is already on decrease, that’s why “severity of the consequences of infection” has changed. If this trend continues to exist, there will be no need un vaccine.

He made such conclusion by the fact that now in Italy all patients feel better than at the beginning of pandemic.

The professor suggested that such decrease may be connected with mutations. As the result, it has become less dangerous. Quarantine measures and restrictions brought benefits too. Otherwise, the number of deaths might be several times more.  

By Cindy
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June 27, 2020

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