You may have thought that she was not obsessed with networks. But you were just afraid of it.

At first glance, everything is fine between you. In all your Instagram videos there is undeniable chemistry, in all selfies – smiles from ear to ear, comfort in bed, and all that.

But if you feel that your couple has an uninvited third party in the form of a phone that broadcasts Instagram notifications around the clock and takes part in any moments of your relationship that should belong only to you two, then it’s time to talk with your girlfriend.

How to determine that social networks interfere with your relationship?

  1. She expects you to learn important facts about her day from social networks.

Social networks should not replace conversations, whatever they are. If you come home from work and tell her: “Honey, how was your day?”, And she replies: “Well, would you know if you visited my Facebook page”, then you really have a problem.

There is a high probability that your relationship will lose force if you check for updates on its social networks, instead of talking about everything in person.

  1. She spends most of her time talking with strangers

If she spends more time communicating with strangers or communicates with you face down (buried on the phone), and is not present with you in the conversation, this is not just a red flag, it is a red banner. You could say the red skyscraper is in front of you.

  1. Your personal conversations can be counted on the fingers

Relationships can suffer when extraneous things – video games, a gym, social networks – are in priority. The more we become dependent on social networks and the influx of endorphins from likes and the moments when we post our publications, the more addictive it is and the more it really undermines our ability to have good relationships in real life.

It is also abnormal when she is ready to share anything with her audience on the social network and wants to get euphoria from the reaction, but in real life she does not experience anything like that with you.

  1. She is annoyed when without social networks

What happens if you try to disconnect together from the Internet during the day? It’s no secret that it can be difficult to completely relax from different social networks, but this process should be considered as working together to bring together, and not cause further disappointment in the relationship.

If you set the time limits for visiting social networks, and during the day she is nervous because it is like when a person takes away cigarettes or a computer, this is again a red flag.

Here you can delicately say about your problem, namely: “Honey, it’s very important for me to find out: how do you feel when you can’t access your Snapchat or Instagram? Hard for you? Do you feel that you cannot live without it? ”

And in no case do not need to blame and crush.

  1. She prefers social networks to your feelings.

Despite the fact that you have the courage to tell her that her excessive use of social networks is bothering you – it turned out that this is the same as talking to the wall. If she does not want to listen to you, this is a problem that needs to be addressed.

How can you even keep in touch with someone who doesn’t care how you feel? This applies to all areas of life, and it is necessary to solve this problem. You need to talk about it directly, without scandal and pressure.

How to solve the problem of her obsession with social networks?

The whole point is a direct approach, which, at the same time, will not turn into a charge – this will be the worst mistake.

Start with: “I need to share with you something that I’m struggling with. It’s very difficult for me, but I think you will understand me. Despite the fact that you care about me, and I can always count on your support and understanding, it is still very difficult for me to share this”, and then – and say what bothers you.

Then you discuss how this problem can be solved, where to start, so that both of you are comfortable, what steps you can take to improve the situation.

The main thing is to speak and listen to each other. First let her know that you understand that she loves social networks, but then delicately express her concerns about them. She will think if you are important to her.

Although she can listen carefully to what you are saying, remember that you may not get the desired reaction. When you want to show emotional courage in order to defend yourself and your relationship, you should be prepared to accept a reaction that you do not want to receive at all.

By Cindy
June 26, 2020

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