How Australia defeated the COVID-19 outbreak

Australians showed high discipline during the outbreak of coronavirus. But even now, when the pandemic is on decrease, one in five Australians believe that the virus is still dangerous, so that preventive measures are strictly observed.

In the article, published in scientific magazine, scientists have analyzed the attitude to COVID-19 of 1420 Australians during the peak between March 18 and 24. Researchers were interested in the willingness and ability of the public to observe all rules and recommendations of the authorities.

I turned out that while 50% of the respondents were not preoccupied, more than 90% said that they strictly observed all precautions not to infect other people.

Australians have a very high level of consciousness. Even those, who weren’t in the risk group, strictly observed the recommendations as they knew they might be the carriers, scientists say.

According to the scientists, discipline and trust in authorities helped to neutralize the virus quickly and almost without losses. China had the same scenario, and even despite high population, were able to stop the virus in several months.

Other results of the research showed that 38% of the respondents spend more time on disinfection of personal items and cleaning. Hand washing was increased by 77%.

Almost 45% cancelled public events, 50% – travelling. Using of public transport decreased by 51%. 67% of the respondents avoided overcrowded places.   

By Cindy
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June 25, 2020

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