Coronavirus appeared in Italy in December 2019, new study says

The Italian National Institute of Health analyzed wastewater and concluded that coronavirus appeared in the country in December 2019. Virus traces were found in the samples collected on December 18 in Turin and Milan.

The results may not show anything on the infection wave, but can help to reconstruct the stages of the outbreak. The analysis of wastewater today is a common thing. It helps to prevent the outbreaks of different diseases. Such method helps to prepare.

Wastewater can also show how exactly the strain has become so widespread and when it has appeared in Italy. The scientists have analyzed 40 samples collected on October, November and December. They didn’t find anything in fall, but in December, the first traces of virus were found in December in Turin and Milan.

According to official data, the outbreak began on January 31, although the virus was in the country since December 18. The first victims appeared on February 22.

The scientists more often conclude that the world faced the virus much earlier. Thus, in china it appeared in August 2019, in France – on December 27, 2019. According to the recent data the outbreak in Spain started even earlier than in other European countries. During 40 days it infected people, and only after long period the first COVID-19 patient was found.  

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June 25, 2020

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