It’s important to understand that sometimes relationships just have to end.

Finishing a relationship is always difficult – the situation is complicated hundreds of times if you are already married. There are a lot of barriers, such as responsibility, feelings of pity or duty. However, in most cases, all this only destroys both in a pair.

Sometimes you just need to take and end a relationship, but before that, understand that the time has really come. How can this be realized? The simplest criterion is whether you get what you want?

  • Does your girlfriend / wife annoy you?

Sure. When you spend a significant amount of time with someone, he or she will inevitably become annoying. But we are talking about more global things than loud chewing or the habit of forgetting to turn off the lights. If the things that your partner does in his daily life – just fundamentally these are his traits and habits – annoy you to such an extent that you cannot look through your fingers with love, you should pay attention to this.

If every little thing becomes annoying, you should return to the main question: what is all this for?

  • How much have your feelings spoiled from the feeling of resentment?

Each couple argues or swears. At least every “healthy” couple is accurate, and arguing is important. But if you find that your arguments are fueled by indignation – for example, if situations arising from the past that you agreed to forget arise in each quarrel and argument – this is a signal to a larger problem.

If you start thinking about things that you don’t do in your life, or would like to do if it weren’t for this relationship, then insult flows into a real problem.

  • Would you rather do some things yourself?

Time for ourselves is one thing, this is what we all need and what we have the right to. But if you begin to wish that all the actions you have without your love, this is not the best sign. After all, a relationship is a choice, and you choose to be with the person with whom you have a relationship. If this choice does not suit you anymore, then you need to think what to do with it.

  • Do you think about the future? What do you think of him?

When you take a step back and evaluate the big picture, do you think about your future with this person? And if so, does it cause you fear or delight? Think about it.

  • Do you still want to try?

The fact that you answered “yes” to one or all of them does not necessarily mean that the time has come to finish everything. Then the question arises: do you want to continue trying to fix everything or start over? Every relationship has ebbs and flows. But if, in the end, you feel that you are even worse off without this person than with him, this is an important clue. There are still chances.

When you clearly realize that a person does not allow you to “breathe”, and without it you will become happier and freer – then it really is worth stopping everything without looking back.

By Cindy
June 25, 2020

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