Believe me, it’s not necessary to be a professional comedian.

As you know, one of the main features of men who are valued by many women is a healthy sense of humor. And this is not surprising, because the ability to raise the mood is also associated with wit, creativity, a sense of tact and many other useful qualities.

Why is it so important to be able to make a girl laugh

First, show me a man who doesn’t like to laugh. It is unlikely that such a thing will be found, because laughter is a rather pleasant state that weakens vigilance, helps to relax and just trust a person who is able to make laugh properly.

Just think about your close friends, aren’t you only busy with them laughing every fifteen minutes? The same principles work when you communicate with a girl.

If she laughs with you, it means she is comfortable, and she will be ready to continue to communicate with you simply because it is nice. Moreover, the ability to make fun can compensate for some other shortcomings that you most likely have (for example, a crooked nose or empty pockets).

Therefore, always try to be the very guy with whom she is fun and easy. Without this, the chances of success are extremely small.

What you should do to make her laugh

So, let’s move on to practical tips that should come in handy to at least make her smile.

  1. Try to relax and be ready to make yourself laugh

It is not enough all the time to tell jokes (albeit funny ones) that you read today on the Internet. To be really funny, you need to feel at ease and with this sensation enter into interaction with a person.

With this approach, after a while your interlocutor will relax himself and be ready for the flow of cheerful thoughts and ideas. Therefore, do not forget about the smile, eye contact and, most importantly, the tone. Be open.

  1. Use surroundings

To make her laugh, you need to fully experience the surroundings and make her a space for your imagination. Comedians call this comedy of observation.

The object of your observation can be anything: a guy in an absurd tie who sits across a few tables from you, strange names of cocktails in the menu of the bar where you were, or even some interior elements that seem ridiculous to you.

All this can be used to come up with funny jokes and make your girlfriend smile.

  1. Try turning on self-irony

Self-irony is a great ability to laugh at oneself. If you want to cheer up and make a girl laugh, but nothing comes to mind, then it’s time to chuckle at ease, telling her in a humorous form about your shortcomings.

This can be done by the same observations that are described in the previous paragraph. For example, tell us that today you dressed as ridiculously as possible and show her your sandals, under which you have socks. Or say that you do not know how to drink alcoholic cocktails, because you always look not as an esthete, but as an amateur.

Only the main thing in this matter is not to go on insults of oneself, otherwise the girl’s mood may worsen. At some point, she will simply understand that a notorious person is sitting next to her, inclined to self-humiliation and hating himself (and even if so, do not show it right away).

  1. You can even easily tease her

From healthy self-irony, you can move on to light criticism of it, only here you have to be even more delicate.

Try to let go of some reproachful comment in her direction, which is actually a ridiculous compliment.

For example:

Say that she either understands cocktails too well or pays extra to the bartender so that her drink is not as terrible as yours (danger level: 2 out of 10).

Depending on how much you are willing to take risks, come up with something that can simultaneously cheat, cheer and make her happy.

  1. Avoid insults and other vile things

Do not forget that your task is to cheer up the girl, and not to cheer her up and make her leave. Therefore, always follow what you say and do not cross the permissible edge of jokes.

Naturally, many girls love black humor, vulgar jokes and conflicting comedy, but if you still don’t know your interlocutor very well and doubt that she will take it easily, better not take the risk.

The higher point is intended to make fun of a girl easily, laugh at the most minor flaws together and hyperbolize a particular problem.

  1. Cheered her with funny questions

If the girl is in a bad mood, but she is ready to talk with you, you can ask her some ridiculous question that will surely amuse you both. It’s enough to show a little creativity or use several ready-made options.

Believe me, when she answers any of them, the atmosphere of your conversation will become much more fun.

  • If you could create any rule that all people would follow throughout the day, what kind of rule would it be?
  • If you had unlimited supplies of just one thing, what kind of thing would it be?
  • How much would you pay a hacker who plans to show your story in a browser to your family and friends?
  • If you could replace your hand with some other limb or instrument, what would it be?
  • Which would you rather: say everything on your mind, or shut up forever?
  • Would you like to have a third eye or a third hand?
  • If you could either just scream or just whisper, what would you choose?
  • You would continue to communicate with me if my face looked like this (squeeze your face with your palms).
  1. How to cheer up a girl in social networks

You probably already thought that I forgot to tell you what to do if the girl has no mood and you are at a distance from each other. But no, I have some tips on online communication.

In fact, here the system of raising the mood is much simpler than when communicating live. The fact is that you don’t have to show your confidence, smile, look into the girl’s eyes and perform other actions that require great efforts from you.

Being face to face with a gadget, you can cheer up a girl with the most unemotional physiognomy and get a positive result.

So, what can be done to cheer her up online:

  • send some funny gif, meme or short video;
  • send funny news or a selection with cats or dogs;
  • throw her some of your old joint photo (or just your old photo) and accompany it all with some nice nostalgic text;
  • send a fun audio recording, a motivating track, a humorous podcast, an audiobook, and any other audio content that you think should cheer her up.
By Cindy
June 24, 2020

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