Coronavirus can provoke diabetes in healthy people

Doctors warned that coronavirus may cause acute diabetes even in a completely healthy people. Moreover, the disease can persist even after complete neutralization of the virus.

In Britain and some other countries, the new study showed that adults with diabetes are more likely to die due to coronavirus infection.

For a long time, scientists believe that different infections may cause diabetes. There were some cases, when the disease began to develop on the background of mumps or other infections.

The outbreak of SARS occurred in East Asia even before the outbreak of coronavirus. Some patients faced acute diabetes. In the majority of cases, the disease disappeared in some years, but the disease persists in 10% of patients. Specialists made a suggestion that coronaviruses have the same way of attaching healthy body cells. After the attachment, the virus disrupts normal cells functioning, which leads to diabetes.

By Cindy
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June 24, 2020

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