A couple of interesting theories and what you can change in yourself.

You can think for a long time that your half is holy, and believe that your love is so sincere, pure and unusual that the word “betrayal” will never pass next to it. However, many men face the deception of their wives and girls. They face and completely do not understand what could be the reason.

There is always a reason, but know that you are far from always guilty if you (all of a sudden) come across this. Let’s figure it out.

Reason # 1: Age

But then, when her 40th birthday was approaching, she began to sleep with her yoga trainer. She felt that her body was dying away with age, and the attraction made her feel welcome again. Okay so be it. But why not all the age-old women in the world who practice yoga begin to change?

One curious theory: a 2014 study suggests that we subconsciously begin to behave strangely at an age that ends in the number 9.

When we are at a “distance” of one year from the next ten, youth seems to wake up in us, because we feel that time is running out.

What to do with it

You can entertain yourself and her with exciting events and grandiose plans. Sit down and paint your life for the coming year for the sake of, for example, traveling to some super-exotic country for adventure. She and yoga (conditional) will think about your plans, and not about the instructor.

Reason № 2: money

And here is the 35-year-old Pam, who had every reason to be angry at her husband. After she made a bunch of purchases with the help of a card, her husband made such a tantrum on this score that he almost even left home. She had to warn him, and he would set her a limit on spending.

In short: he tried his best to control the budget – and crossed the line, finding himself at the stage of “stinginess.”

The problem is that excessive financial control, especially when you treat each expenditure as an indulgence on your part, this creates indignation in the big leagues and encourages them to “pay off”. Which, in fact, did Pam, and six months later she was sleeping with one of her friends.

What to do with it

Do not go crazy with control over every penny (which you can afford, by the way), and, more importantly, do not recall every purchase and do not poke a finger with it. Instead, simply share financial responsibility. This can be done even with the help of special applications.

Reason № 3: she wants to be “bad”

Alison is 25 years old and she, as soon as her marriage began to fall apart, indulged in passion with that terrible young man whom she was avoiding. What?

Why do smart women eventually decide to jump into bed with the “bandits”?

During peak fertility, a rational woman may realize that she is attracted to men whom she would not want to meet in a nightmare late in the evening in an alley. It is not her fault – it is the instincts of survival. Studies show that her desire to do this is even stronger if you are physically less attractive by generally accepted standards.

Reason № 4: she was waiting (and still waiting) for the prince

You, of course, understand that there are no ideal men from “those” films. And she, too, of course, understands this, she is not a silly woman. But while you are persuading yourself in this, Alex comes.

He is gentle, sensitive, writes poetry and pays to her all the attention that exists in his life. Alex forced 30-year-old Courtney to divorce her husband, who seemed gray and half dead, compared to the new ideal. She began to deceive her husband, because she believed that a new sensual man would fill all the voids of her soul.

But then the same thing happened: the ideal prince Alex became a sloop in her eyes, and Courtney pulled to fill new voids with the help of tough, rude and cold men.

The reason is that such women expect perfect men – which do not happen – and then become disappointed. Until they begin to perceive their partners not through the prism of their idealizations, but through reality, they will be thrown from side to side.

What to do with it

You are not to blame and you cannot be absolutely everything to her. But, if you notice that you can fix something in yourself, you can do it. The same goes for women.

Reason № 5: she just wants more

The problem when one partner does not satisfy another is widespread.

“We only had once a week, what did he want?” – says Lindsay. In no case, this does not justify her and does not mean that you are to blame again, and all she could do was change it.

But when people have different preferences in this matter, this inevitably leads to problems in relationships. Therefore, it should not be hushed up, never!

By Cindy
June 23, 2020

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