Scientists were able to stop coronavirus spread without vaccine and drugs

Specialists created a special tool which can stop the SARS-CoV-2 transmission without vaccine and drugs.

Specialists from the University of California at San Diego created nanosponges which are similar to sponge. Virus detect such particles as body cells: it tries to connect and multiply. Studies showed that virus loses 93% of its properties and can’t spread in the body anymore.

Nanosponge is absolutely new and unexpected development. Scientists tried to do something effective instead of vaccine. And they succeed: nanosponges play the role of bait to distract the virus from invading body cells.

The nanosponge membrane has the same receptors as body cells. That’s why virus cannot detect them. As the result, the strain loses its main characteristic – replication.

The effectiveness of nanosponges was proved on lung cells experiments. Experts believe that nanosponges may be used for the treatment of wide range of diseases.

This new way of treatment is safe: mouse experiments proved this. The new study on nanosponges will be conducted in the nearest future. In case of success, it will be applied to people.

By Cindy
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June 23, 2020

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