A solar eclipse can either end the coronavirus pandemic, or make it even worse

The Indian scientist believes that the solar eclipse that took place this Sunday, may become the reason of the end of the pandemic or its intensification. This theory was proposed by Dr. K.L. Sundar Krishna, Chennai, India.

 At the end of the last year the doctor said that the result of the eclipse may be the mutation of well-known virus. As a result, the simplest disease will become devastating pandemic.

In one of his interviews, Dr. Krishna said that every solar eclipse becomes the reason of “planetary configuration and alignment of planets in the solar system” formation. Due to this fact – various kinds of interplanetary anomalies. During the eclipse our planet occurs in a stream of special neutron radiation for a few moments, which can provoke mutations.

“The virus forms in the upper layers of the atmosphere and at this moment it will be attacked by a stream of neutrons. As the result, the virus will disappear or mutate”.

Initially, this theory seemed to be very doubtful, but after the pandemic occurred, the colleagues changed their opinion.

By Cindy
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June 22, 2020

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