Stereotypes must be fought, but this does not mean that one must cross out all the experience of the past.

The old-fashioned rules of behavior on dates recently seem ridiculous and extremely out of date to us, and this is not surprising. After all, most of them spread outdated stereotypes that many want to get rid of.

For example, such as “Wait until he invites you to the next date”, “Lady never takes the first step”, “Follow the rule of three days: you can write to him / her only after three days from the moment you meet” and others.

However, there are good old rules, which should not be abandoned just because they are more years old than you. This material contains as many as seven outdated rules of dating, which must be returned to modern relations between a man and a woman.

  1. Try to be polite

It may sound like a stereotype, but in fact it’s better to be gallant and polite on a date than to behave as if you are indifferent to the person you met.

For example, do not forget to hold the door to the girl so that she can go through, write to her right after the date, to find out how she got to the house, always call if he promised to do it, and so on.

Thus, in our era of tinder, such gestures will distinguish you from the rest and will never be superfluous.

  1. Invite a girl on a real date, and do not call to hang out

It’s time to stop telling her: “What are you doing this weekend?” Do you want to hang out? ”

Just take and state your intentions by inviting the girl for a real date. You understood correctly, a full date, where you plan, where you will go, what you will do and how comfortable it will be for both of you.

To treat a girl with care and attention is completely normal. Moreover, it should be so.

  1. Pick up the phone and call the girl

The fact that text messages in instant messengers can not replace a telephone conversation, we have already said. The fact is that many people prefer to exchange text messages because they do not require an instant response, practically exclude awkward pauses and generally distance the interlocutors from each other.

However, correspondence does not compare with a full-fledged telephone conversation. Calling a girl, you seem to indicate the seriousness of your intentions to meet her in real life.

Naturally, you can first write a message to her and find out when it will be convenient for her to talk to you on the phone. This will show that you respect her schedule and are not ready to disturb with a sudden call.

  1. On a first date it’s not necessary to jump to bed immediately

Now I do not want to say that intimacy on a first date is something terrible and unacceptable. I’m saying that you can “accumulate” passion for each other in a few dates and get an unforgettable experience when after a certain time you will have a “first time”.

The fact is that all kinds of preludes, romantic meetings and warm conversations are an integral part of your experience. Therefore, sometimes it’s better not to let them pass and enjoy each other in an explosion of pleasure when you already very much desire it.

  1. Do not introduce a girl to friends if you are not serious

Because you should not make your friends feel awkward in a party with a random person whom they will never see again. Introduce the girl to your friends only when you are sure that you want to continue dating her.

By the way, after this meeting it is important to know the opinion of friends about your companion. In such cases, you can get a lot of important tips and hear valuable opinions from the outside.

  1. Watch how you are dressed

I’m not saying right now that you should go to the store and purchase a new suit with chic shoes to impress her. Just try to look tidy, which will make it clear to the girl that you did not care how you look in her eyes.

  1. Try not to talk constantly about yourself

You would be surprised to know how many people on this planet are who spend most of their conversations telling their interlocutors about themselves. For your date to go well, do not monopolize the dialogue. Try to listen more than talk, and then you will become a pleasant conversationalist.

Ask open and meaningful questions with the intention of learning a lot about the girl. No need to focus on yourself and ignore her presence.

By Cindy
June 21, 2020

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