Yes, because you will be as attractive to her as possible!

The average guy thinks he knows how to impress girls.

Maybe he is striving to become rich, famous and successful, or maybe he is just a tall, dark-haired, beautiful type, confident in his appearance. He can endlessly perfectly joke and consider this his main feature, as well as be the soul of the company and use it.

But there is one secret thing that the vast majority of men do not know about: be able to listen and be curious.
To ask questions and be an attentive listener – this can be much more memorable and more attractive than all types of so-called “impressive” qualities. Not to mention that when you ask someone a question and then listen to the answer, it means that you treat a person with elementary respect.

It’s time for men to start applying this logic to their halves, and not just to themselves. From now on, if you go on a date and do not spend at least a significant part of it on just listening to a person, and not on keeping silent, you can assume that you screwed up.

If you really want to impress the girl with whom you go on a date, be curious. Listen up. Let him talk about himself, about his life. Not only will she get more pleasure from your interaction, but you can also better understand what kind of person he is.

If you are not sure how to really listen to a person (perhaps due to lack of practice), here are some tips.

  1. Ask questions first and often

Set the tone for your meeting by asking questions from the start, and maintain this momentum throughout your date. This does not mean that the date turns into an interview, you just give her a gentle impetus to the conversation.

If she says she had a hard day at work, ask about work. If she said vacation, ask about your favorite travel destinations, and so on. In short, let your companion talk regularly about what worries her, and not just keep up the conversation with light, meaningless phrases.

  1. Be calm and really listen (rather than professionally pretend)

It may seem foolish to assume that the guys listen poorly, but at least according to unconfirmed reports, many women really think so. They complain that men do not ask them questions, try to explain things to them that they already know, and so on.

How to avoid such an impression? When she starts talking about something, just … keep quiet. Do not try to turn this into a dialogue and respond with something like: “Oh, yes, I read an article about it.” When a topic comes up that she knows a lot about, let her be the center of attention. It’s great when you sit in the back seat.

  1. Show her that you are following the conversation

The average guy doesn’t even ask questions on a date, let alone pay attention to the whole conversation.

When you say something like: “Oh, is that the friend you spoke about before? Which has red hair and the annoying guy? ” You are on top. You are giving concrete evidence that the things mentioned above interest you.

By Cindy
June 20, 2020

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