The number of COVID-19 infected in China is 10 times higher than official data

The fact that China was hiding the number of infected is widely known. Such data were obtained recently.

Experts have analyzed the COVID-19 statistics in China and the information from open resources. It is known that the real data is hidden, and those who publish these data are prosecuted. Thus, the Chinese authorities are now looking for bloggers Chen Qushi and Fan Bin who revealed the truth.

Some resources say that the outbreak started in October. Before January, funeral services were working just 4 hours per day, but in January they were working round the clock.

There are 8 crematoriums in Wuhan. Seven of them burned 680 bodies per day (there are no statistics on one service). So, if read the news properly, the clear deception will appear.   

By Cindy
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June 19, 2020

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