New coronavirus strain is discovered in Beijing

Specialists have discovered a new strain at the wholesale market in Beijing, Scientists believe that the new virus may be more severe than the one that provoked a pandemic.

Professor virologist Yang Zhangqiu believes that evolution may become the reason of not only virus strengthening, but also of its weakening.  

“I believe that the new strain may be more contagious than its previous strain, which was firstly found at Wuhan’s market”.

The speaker also added that the authorities made an official statement on coronavirus in the end of January. The reason for quick spread all over the world is low temperatures. Today in China is hot, so that may be the main reason why the second wave of coronavirus has not come yet, as the virus is weaken by high temperatures. The professor also added that due to the fact that specialists find new strains of coronavirus, and from time to time the incidence increases, scientists cannot develop an effective vaccine for treating the virus.  

By Cindy
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June 19, 2020

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