The spread of coronavirus has increased several times

American biologists have found that a new mutation of the coronavirus infects a healthy person 2.5 to 8 times faster. It is worth noting that this feature is characteristic of about half of the virus strains that have been studied to date. In the D614G protein, a point mutation is present, due to which the spread of the virus has increased several times.

It is incredibly difficult to predict the mutations of the virus, because experts can not know in which direction the pathogen evolution will occur. Currently, experts are aware that coronavirus is able to accumulate mutations at about the same rate as the flu virus.

Some experts at the same time believe that the virus has two different subtypes. One has acute symptoms of the disease and spreads easily between people. But far from all agree with this opinion. Some experts believe that changes in the genome could be random and, in fact, are not the real difference between the subtypes of coronavirus.

About a month ago, biologists conducted another study, during which the genomes of a huge number of strains of coronavirus were studied. The result showed that the pathogen was divided into three different lines. Each line has its own specific set of mutations, which is located in the key genes of the virus. At the same time, scientists from New York University believe that the line where the coronavirus has a mutation in the S gene is the most common. This gene affects the production of proteins in the part of the virus that is responsible for penetration into healthy cells.

Some time ago, the D614G mutation was discovered, which not only helps to enter the body faster, but also spread between different types of healthy cells. As a result of the ingestion of such a virus, the lungs, intestines and liver can be affected in the first place. In addition, some experts believe that this new type of coronavirus better tolerates immunity attacks and does not die immediately.

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June 18, 2020

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