Scientists have discovered how coronavirus deceives the immune system

Coronavirus creates a special shield, which consists of sugar molecules. Thus, it is masked from cells by the immune system in the human body. This discovery was made by specialists from the United States. It is worth noting that these molecules can affect the functioning of the spike protein present in coronavirus. Thus, the virus enters healthy cells. These findings play a very important role and can help create a truly effective vaccine against coronavirus.

Specialists from the University of California have shown that coronavirus uses glycans that are on its surface to defend itself from attacks of the human immune system. In this case, glycan polysaccharides are part of spike proteins and make up almost 40% of their total weight. It is with the help of these spike-like spike-like proteins that the virus infected healthy cells. Coronavirus can therefore penetrate quickly and deeply enough into those cells that have not previously been infected. Due to the new data that specialists have been able to obtain, scientists will be able to quickly develop a truly effective vaccine, as well as select several different ways to treat the disease.

Another study showed that glycans perform not only a camouflage role. As it turned out, they are able to change the shape of the spike protein so that infection occurs much faster.

Scientists were able to create a clear picture of what is happening with the help of computer simulation. Vaccine and drug developers have learned more about how the virus’s defense mechanism works. The more it is known about coronavirus, the faster it will be possible to find a remedy that will really help prevent infection or accelerate the treatment process without serious consequences for the patient’s body.

By Cindy
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June 18, 2020

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