How to flirt with a girl? You have a question, and I have the answers to it.

Before you become a boyfriend or even the husband of a girl you like, the stages of dating and courtship are most likely to be avoided – forgive me for the cruel truth.

Another thing is flirting, which, on the one hand, does not oblige you to anything, and on the other, it can always grow into something more.

And I think that being able to flirt with ladies is the same necessary skill for a man as the ability to build a career.

How to flirt with a girl during correspondence: learning to flirt

  1. Do not be predictable!

When you are unpredictable, you set yourself up for success in flirting. You see, one of the biggest mistakes a person can make while flirting is being boring. So if you write to a girl and talk about the weather or ask how her day goes, you risk losing.

Ask her questions that will make her think about the answer, those that take her by surprise. Grab her attention and hold him. But just do not go too far and, instead of an imposing guy, do not accidentally turn into a tactless one.

  1. Take it easy with sarcasm

There is a fine line between acceptable sarcasm and one that can easily become offensive when it is presented in writing. There is always a risk that she will not understand your sarcastic comments and will be offended, but this is not at all what you would like to achieve when you try to impress.

  1. Focus on visual content

I’ll immediately warn you: you don’t need to send the girl with whom you are flirting something too frank (save it for a more serious stage of the relationship, if it occurs, of course). Another thing is something cute and funny that can make her smile (photos of cats, dogs and nice memes to help you).

  1. Do not forget about the rule of three lines

Never heard of this rule before? Everything is simple, as I said above, flirting is something easy and laid-back, which means that long messages here will be inappropriate. At least at this stage, they can tire her, or even seem impatient or insecure.


The temptation may be great, but do not succumb to it and do not try to seem like someone you are not. With Internet flirting, you still most likely expect that one day you will meet this girl in real life. But then all your “embellishments” with a high degree of probability will play a bad service, because few people like to build relationships on lies.

  1. Play ping pong questions

When a person simply answers a question and presses “send”, it is boring flirting. Constantly “add fuel to the fire” (in a good way) and do not be afraid to change topics and ask clarifying questions, as well as when communicating with girls in ordinary life. The more lively and mobile your conversation, the better.

  1. Find the “golden mean”

Most of the guys spoil the impression of a girl in correspondence, because they can’t find a balance. You have to make sure that you don’t write too much, find the right time for correspondence and know what to say. That sounds terribly complicated, but actually it is not.

Just don’t overwhelm her with messages while you are at the stage of flirting (and in the future do not forget about the measure, except when you have an interesting conversation for both). And be simpler – if each of your messages is accurately verified according to some formula, the communication will be intense, and there will be no talk of any flirting.

  1. Do not delay the stage of flirting

Easy, non-binding correspondence with a pretty girl is what you need to be able to do and with which it is good to start communication (definitely better than with a marriage proposal instead of a greeting). But if you feel that you are truly interested in this girl and see a reciprocal interest on her part – do not be afraid to proceed to the next stage.

Be courageous and invite her on a date. Otherwise, do not be surprised or offended if someone else will do it while you are walking around the bush.

By Cindy
June 18, 2020

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