Neurobiologist believes that 80% of people can have innate immunity to coronavirus

Those strategies that the government of different countries has chosen may not affect the further development of the coronavirus pandemic.

British neuroscientist Carl Freeston is confident that approximately 80% of all humanity can have innate immunity against coronavirus. The researcher added that people from some countries do not perceive the virus as strongly as in some others.

Karl Friston is creating mathematical-type models that show the functioning of the human brain. At the moment, the professor uses all these models in order to understand exactly how the spread of coronavirus occurs.

“Why were mortality rates in the UK and Sweden about the same if the government chose different disease control strategies?” One theory is that the population behaved almost identically. As a result of this, social distance depends on how people behave in a particular country, ”says Professor Friston.

The specialist also added that those countries that behave the same should have similar mortality rates. In this case, he compared Germany and Great Britain. Although the actions were similar, mortality in England is much higher than in Germany. The professor concluded that the methods chosen by the government did not play a special role in the spread of coronavirus.

In the future, the scientist plans to conduct a number of studies and he is almost completely sure that it turns out that most of the world’s population has innate immunity to coronavirus.

By Cindy
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June 17, 2020

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