In Brazil, for the burial of the dead from the coronavirus, dig out old graves

Brazil faced with the terrible consequences of the coronavirus. In order to have a place to bury the dead as a result of a pandemic, the government had to start digging up old graves.

A few days ago, the death toll from coronavirus in Brazil reached 42 thousand people. There are practically no free places for burial in the country. Most of all, this problem affected São Paulo, where the local cemeteries were completely full. In order to be able to bury the new dead, we had to urgently dig out the old burial places. At the moment, only those graves are excavated, whose age exceeds 3 years, and relatives irregularly pay for the rental of plots. The remains are stacked in bags, which are numbered and sent for storage in metal containers. The representative of the municipal service claims that this decision is temporary and soon the number of deaths will begin to decline.

Journalists took a photo about how the grave diggers work in the cemetery of Vila Formosa. The remains are stacked in bags and boxes, and coffins with fresh corpses are immediately placed in their place. In April alone, over one and a half thousand people who died from coronavirus were buried in this cemetery. There are currently no data for the last two months.

Local authorities said that in the next two weeks the same actions will be carried out in the most crowded cemeteries. It is worth noting that it is Sao Paulo that is considered the hottest spot in Brazil, where the largest number of people die from the coronavirus. In the city today, almost 5,500 people have died.

Despite such terrible indicators, the quarantine was partially relaxed last week, which led to crowded public transport and a huge number of visitors to shopping centers. Experts began to panic because of this, because by the end of summer the second peak of the pandemic in Brazil is expected. Moreover, the country is after the United States in second place in the number of dead people.

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June 16, 2020

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